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Senor Not Running After All


Over the past few weeks, I took a very serious look at running for the Senate seat in New York.

I ultimately decided this wasn't the right time in my family and business life for me to run.

I was privileged to meet so many thoughtful, impressive, and energetic people as I explored this race, and I was very gratified by their enthusiasm. I will continue to look for ways to advance the policy debate here in New York, especially on issues that I am most concerned about: America's declining economic competitiveness, skyrocketing deficits and taxes, a national security strategy that is drifting and a morally equivalent foreign policy that is troubling.

There are a number of terrific opportunities for Republicans in 2010 -- including in this Senate race -- and I will lend a hand wherever I can be helpful. I love this state, and I intend to stay involved in matters that affect it.

The news was first reported in a tweet by the New York Post's Maggie Haberman.

Recent reports had suggested that Senor, who is married to CNN host Campbell Brown, was set to announce his candidacy.

The Senate seat is held by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand.