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RNC: Steele Spent $18,500 To Redecorate Office

The committee's financial reports show that last month it paid nearly $22,000 to a Washington, D.C. interior decorator, though RNC spokesman Todd Irons said only $18,500 of that was for "improvements to the chairman's office."

Actually, though, we might have seen this coming. In that disastrous GQ interview from March, Steele mentioned that he was "re-doing" the heavy dark-wood Republican furniture he inherited. "This is gonna sound weird, but it's way too male for me," he said.

We called the interior decorator listed in the financial reports, to find out whether he had been asked to make Steele's office more feminine. But he declined to talk about his work for the RNC.

An RNC spokesperson told Politico that the committee still has not hired a press secretary, a research director, or several other positions.