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Republican Lawyers And Norm Coleman: George Soros Wants To Buy Election


As TPMMuckraker has reported, the RNLA has been one of the mainstream groups raising fears about voter fraud ahead of the midterm elections. They have worked in Illinois and received an influx of donations from conservatives ahead of the elections.

The conservative group Minnesota Majority has claimed that Coleman only lost the close election due to voter fraud. That group has since joined with other organizations to put a $500 bounty on voter fraud convictions.

Here is the text of the RNLA e-mail from Coleman:

George Soros Wants to Buy America's Elections

He's spending Millions Again on his Secretary of State Project

You Can Help.

Dear Friend:

Every Vote Counts. You know that and I know that.

My reason for writing to you is to help ensure that all Americans can be assured that their vote counts - and that the rules for elections are fair for every legal voter in America.

George Soros - a wealthy liberal billionaire has funded organizations like and other front groups to expand his own political agenda.

His Secretary of State project donated an unheard of amount to select his choice of Secretary of State in Minnesota, Ohio, and other key states across the country.

It's frightening that one man - with unlimited wealth - has determined to focus his efforts to elect individuals who have the power to overrule the will of voters.

Imagine a country where a majority of Secretary of States are beholden to one man - George Soros.

We must make sure that Soros doesn't gain this political power.

You can help ensure that by donating to the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA), an organization that will be working to counter George Soros' Secretary of State Project.

In 2006 and 2008, there was not any counter to the Secretary of State project, but for 2010, the RNLA will be there to help fight against Soros' millions. But they need your help: donate here now.

The RNLA has long stood for open, fair and honest elections and has trained thousands of lawyers on preserving the integrity of the vote. But this task is made more difficult if the chief election official (in most states the Secretary of State) is not interested in fairness or openness but is rather a partisan liberal such as the type George Soros' Secretary of State project chooses and supports.

Call me old fashioned, but I think a Secretary of State's job is the fair and transparent administration and running of an election. I think the voters, not partisans, nor lawyers or courts should determine who won the election.

And, I sure don't think George Soros should be given the power to determine who wins or loses elections in the United States.

Help stop partisan Secretaries of State and restore the rule of law for our elections so that all voters, including our military, are treated fairly by DONATING NOW TO THE RNLA.

The RNLA is a recognized leader in promoting open, fair and honest elections. Besides training thousands of lawyers over the last six years, they have also been working tirelessly to call attention to the plight of our military voters that helped result in new federal legislation to help military votes count.

With your help, RNLA can do more to help ensure Secretaries of State keep to their job of running elections in a fair open and honest manner.

Please join me in supporting the RNLA and fighting against those who want our elections run by partisans and George Soros by donating here now.


Senator Norm Coleman

PS: Who wins elections should be determined by who got the most legal votes, period! Unfortunately, the far left is trying to politicize even the counting of votes through George Soros' Secretary of State project, which seeks to have elections run by hyper-partisan liberal election officials. Donate here to the RNLA to help ensure that all legal votes in 2010 are counted.

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