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Reports: Air Force Blocks NYT, Other News Sites Over Wikileaks

Newscom / FABIANO/SIPA/Newscom

The move goes further than those made by other branches of the armed services and the Pentagon, which has advised servicemembers to avoid looking at the Wikileaks documents on military computers.

As TPM has reported, civilian federal agencies have also instructed employees not to read the cables and, in some cases, blocked the Wikileaks site.

According to the Journal, the message, "ACCESS DENIED. Internet Usage is Logged & Monitored," appears when servicemembers try to access the blocked sites. The message also warns that personnel looking at unauthorized sites may be punished.

The Air Force had told personnel in August not to go to the Wikileaks site or download any of the cables, according to a memo obtained by TPM.

[Additional reporting by Ryan J. Reilly]