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Report: Voter ID Laws Put Undue Burden On 10 Million Voters


"The result is plain: Voter ID laws will make it harder for hundreds of thousands of poor Americans to vote," the report states. "They place a serious burden on a core constitutional right that should be universally available to every American citizen."

From the report:

More than 1 million eligible voters in these states fall below the federal poverty line and live more than 10 miles from their nearest ID-issuing office. These voters may be particularly affected by the significant costs of the documentation required to obtain a photo ID. Birth certificates can cost between $8 and $25. Marriage licenses, required for married women whose birth certificates include a maiden name, can cost between $8 and $20. By comparison, the notorious poll tax -- outlawed during the civil rights era -- cost $10.64 in current dollars.

Read the full report here.