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Report: Palin Pulled Down $12 Million Over Past Year

Newscom / Greg Nash

New York does the math on Palin's very successful year:

Over the past year, Palin has amassed a $12 million fortune and shows no sign of slowing down. Her memoir has so far sold more than 2.2 million copies, and Palin is planning a second book with HarperCollins. This January, she signed a three-year contributor deal with Fox News worth $1 million a year, according to people familiar with the deal. In March, Palin and Burnett sold her cable show to TLC for a reported $1 million per episode, of which Palin is said to take in about $250,000 for each of the eight installments.

Other good tidbits include Palin's business relationship with CNN commentator Mary Matalin and how she was wooed by Fox, including an offer "to build a remote-camera hookup in her Wasilla home."

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