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Rep. Ross Blames 'Left-Wing, Special Interest Conspiracy' For Pharmacy Sale Story

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

He said USA Drug had approached him in early to mid-2007 about buying the pharmacy, but that his memory was hazy on several key details of the sale -- including who proposed the $420,000 price tag.

"There was very little negotiation. ... I think most family pharmacies will tell you that when a chain comes in to buy you, they usually come with their best offer and there's not much negotiation that goes on," Ross said.

Ross also blusters:

The Democratic congressman called the story part of a "left-wing, special interest conspiracy against me."

As we've noted, it's simply not the case that ProPublica, which reported the story, and Politico, which ran it, are "left-wing" or part of any "special interest."