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Penney Told Different Story At Sports Fishing Hearing

Here is a transcript of the audio above:

The economic value of the land along the Kenai River privately held from Skilak to Ames bridge; three years ago the assessed value to the borough of only the privately owned land was three hundred and thirty-five million dollars. As Mr. Busey just said to you, it’s increased since then. Now, I know it’s well over five-hundred, but we haven’t seen what the borough’s assessed it. But gentlemen and ma’m, all that assessment in value came from one reason; cause there’s fish in the river. And you put the fish in the river, and you put the fish in the inlet, and you give the opportunity for the public you’ll see the economic engine run hard.

In addition, as we reported yesterday, Penney would have received notice of the new $179,400 assessment in March 2006, some nine months before he sold the property to Murkowski.