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Pajamas Media Editor: Let's Bring Back Tar And Feathering -- And Maybe More


"If this abominable, unconstitutional, usurperous, injurious, unsustainable and ruinous new health care law has a mere ten legislatures afraid for their safety, then this country might already be too far gone to save itself."

Then, in a comments section exchange with a reader, Green, who calls himself "Vodkapundit," took it further.

"This country has a fine tradition of tarring & feathering, and one I've come to the reluctant conclusion needs to come back," he wrote in response to a reader named Geekesque. "If the US Government considers that terrorism, consider the source."

Asked by another reader how far Green's "condoning of violence against us 'Nazi' liberals" goes, Green responded:

"That depends entirely on how much violence is done to our liberties by your idiotic policies. Right now, tar & feathers still seem extreme. Tomorrow? It's in your hands."

According to his Pajamas Media bio, Green hosts the PJM Political show for XM Satellite Radio and also hosts a video series for the company. "He pioneered 'drunkblogging,' which he calls 'the only sober response to modern politics,' according to his bio.

Green's comments yesterday do not come in a vacuum. Democratic offices around the country have been vandalized and threats have been made against multiple members of Congress.

We've reached out to Green but haven't heard back.

Asked for comment about Green's statements, a spokesman for Pajamas Media sent along this post from CEO Roger Simon. It reads in part, "Violence is to be condemned, but so is the desecration of a great democracy."