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NYT: Top NY Foreclosure Law Firm Threw Homeless-Themed Halloween Party


You can see all the pictures that accompany the column here.

The pictures were sent to Nocera by a former employee of the firm. Nocera described their conversation like this:

When we spoke later, she added that the snapshots are an accurate representation of the firm's mind-set. "There is this really cavalier attitude," she said. "It doesn't matter that people are going to lose their homes." Nor does the firm try to help people get mortgage modifications; the pressure, always, is to foreclose.

Nocera also got in touch with the firm to ask about the pictures and the party, which sent him a statement and attacked the paper.

"It has been suggested that some employees dress in ... attire that mocks or attempts to belittle the plight of those who have lost their homes," the statement read. "Nothing could be further from the truth." It described this column as "another attempt by The New York Times to attack our firm and our work."

The column also notes that the firm has been under investigation by the New York Attorney General's Office and recently paid $2 million to settle a US Department of Justice investigation.

Check out the TPM Slide Show of the festivities here.