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New Orly Taitz Filing (In Dismissed Case): I Get Death Threats Daily

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Not only that, but Taitz's children have apparently been the subject of misdirected scorn as well. After the judge's October order was released, someone deployed the old "your Momma suborned perjury" taunt on one of Taitz's children:

Lastly, after the order of 10.29.09 became public, it became a source of hounding and wilding of me and my family. As an example, a teacher has approached one of my children, pointed to a newspaper article and commented that the judge says "your mother tells witnesses to lie".

The Register has more on the filing:

"There was a concerted and a well orchestrated effort by a number of individuals to assassinate my character, endanger my law license and ultimately derail my case against Mr. Obama," Taitz writes in the document filed with the federal court today. "A number of criminal activities were perpetrated upon this court."

In response to federal Judge David O. Carter's earlier statement that he received affidavits from witnesses who said Taitz asked them to lie to the court, Taitz says it was the two witnesses who were lying.

Below is the full filing from Taitz. Page 6 appears to show a diagram of how, according to Taitz, her car was tampered with.

Orly Taitz Filing 12/3/09, Via OC Register