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New Birther Infomercial Running In Seven Southern States (Bonus TPMtv Highlight Reel Included)


* Chattanoga, TN

* Memphis, TN

* Shreveport, LA

* Springfield, MO

* Abilene, TX

* Lubbock, TX

* Macon, GA

* Savannah, GA

* Huntsville, AL

* Jacksonville, FL

* Tallahasseee, FL

As to why Kreep's group, which is based in southern California, is targeting states in the South, he tells us only: "We used a vendor that booked the times.", the fundamentalist online prayer hotline run by birthermercial host Bill Keller, is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Finally, here's the official TPMtv highlight reel of the birthermercial:

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