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Navy Captain Who Made Crude Videos Temporarily Relieved Of Command


According to NBC, Honors, a 25-year veteran who has flown 85 combat missions, will be relieved of his command during the investigation. The Enterprise is due to deploy this month to provide support for the Afghanistan War.

The Navy said in a statement that when higher-ups found out about the videos in 2007, they pulled the plug on Honors' "XO Movie Night" but did not, apparently, punish the commander. The service now says the "inappropriate" videos warrant an investigation.

The Pilot story was fueled, in part, by comments from anonymous sailors complaining about the videos. Since, a handful of sailors have come forward to defend Honors.

Late update: NBC and other outlets are reporting that Honors may be permanently relieved of command of the Enterprise. The Navy is due to hold a press conference announcing its decision at 2 p.m. ET today.