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McCain's 'Danged Fence' Sheriff: The Government Is Our Enemy


You may remember Babeu from Sen. John McCain's "complete the danged fence" ad, in which the sheriff and the senator stroll along the border discussing border patrol and illegal immigration.

Or you might remember him from McCain's "A President vs. A Senator" ad, where Babeu speaks to the camera in front of a group of pro-McCain Arizona sheriffs.

McCain's campaign has not returned requests for comment.

In addition to speaking on behalf of McCain, Babeu has made himself a de facto spokesperson for border control, appearing on Fox News and elsewhere.

A few weeks ago, in fact, Babeu appeared on a radio show called Political Cesspool to talk about immigration.

This caused some trouble for McCain, as Political Cesspool is a radio show for white supremacists.

Babeu and the McCain campaign both said Babeu didn't know about Cesspool's pro-white agenda. The show's hosts, however, said they spoke personally to Babeu and that he knew about, as they describe it, their pro-white, "paleoconservative radio program."