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Mark Williams' New Line On NYC Mosque: Mayor Bloomberg Is A 'Judenrat'


It's unclear exactly what Williams means by the term "Judenrats," but as you can see from the context, it's highly unlikely he's using the word as a term of endearment. As you may or may not remember from your World War II history, a Judenrat were the local Jewish councils that Nazis put in charge of administering the ghettos. Not exactly the kind of thing most people often call American Jewish politicians like Bloomberg and Stringer.

While Williams' exact feelings toward Bloomberg and Stringer may be somewhat difficult to decipher, as usual, his feelings toward Muslims are not. One of Williams' most talked about posts as a blogger came back in May when he -- as part of his vehement protest of the Cordoba House project -- wrote that Muslims were "animals of Allah" and they worship a "monkey god." On the new post, he features an image of a hideous Satan-like creature with a word "Prophet" written above it, presumably a reference to Muhammad.

The "monkey god" comment created frustration among many tea partiers who viewed it as overtly racist. When Williams quit the Tea Party Express, it came after another blog post seen as racist by his fellow tea party activists -- that one aimed at the NAACP. Williams has been almost totally shunned by tea party-sponsoring groups since his resignation from the TPE, though with the new group he's made it clear he wants to get back into the movement.

Late Update: I emailed Williams to ask him just exactly what he meant by "Judenrat." When/if I hear something, I'll post it here. I asked him if, like some commenters on this post have said, his use of the term Judenrat was anti-Semitic. Here's Williams' response, in full:

Judenrat is essentially the same as Sonderkommando. It is a degrogatory term for the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. Judenrats were Jews who turned in people like Anne Frank and the Sonderkommando were Jews in the Camps who led other Jews into the "showers".

Bloomberg and Stringer are exactly that, selling out not just Jews but all Civilized Mankind to the 21 Century Nazi ideology of Radical Islam as represented by Ground Zero Mosque.

Read a book.