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Liz Cheney Won't Deny Her Father Suggested Questions On Iraq-Qaeda Ties

Cheney also cited a report yesterday from the Washington Post's Walter Pincus, in which "senior intelligence officials" denied waterboarding was used on Abu Zubaida and Khalid Sheik Mohammed when they were asked about possible ties between al Qaeda and Iraq.

Cheney said: "You saw the CIA come out yesterday and say, absolutely, unequivocally, waterboarding was not used to establish this kind of a link."

In fact, the intel officials quoted by the Post were only addressing two detainees. Allegations that the Bush Administration ordered torture have not been limited to Mohammed and Zubaida.

It's also worth noting that "waterboarding" should not be conflated with other "enhanced interrogation techniques." That bit of linguistic acrobatics was used by an anonymous intelligence offiical in the Post's piece yesterday:

The two top priorities driving so-called enhanced interrogation techniques were information on the locations of al-Qaeda leadership and plots against the United States. ... Questions were asked about Iraq, but the notion that waterboarding was used to extract from either an admission that Iraq and al-Qaeda had a relationship is false, period. [emphasis ours]

Surely the former vice president will have more to say on all of this at his speech at the American Enterprise Institute Thursday. Stay tuned.