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Lamar Smith Overlooks Texas Voter ID Expert's Work For Karl Rove


University of Texas Professor Daron Shaw, who testified that Texas' voter ID law "will not have an impact on turnout," worked for both of President George W. Bush's presidential campaigns, the RNC, Fox News' election desk and Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who signed the voter ID bill into law.

A spokeswoman with Smith's office did not respond to an email asking whether Smith believed it was also inappropriate for the state of Texas to "ask a federal court to adopt a voting rights theory that is based on partisan political strategy rather than neutral analysis of the facts and law," as he accused the Justice Department of doing. Shaw did not respond to requests for comment.

Three federal judges, who were skeptical of Texas' voter ID law during the trial earlier this month, are expected to issue their ruling in the next few weeks. Ultimately, the case may be destined for the Supreme Court.