Koran-Burner Thwarted By Skateboarder Has Day Job At A Nuke Facility


David Grisham had hoped to burn a copy of the Koran last weekend when he was thwarted by a dissenting skateboarder.

But it’s not all lighting up religious books and dodging long-haired youths for Grisham: Apparently he has a day job as a security guard at nuclear-bomb facility.Grisham had planned to burn a lighter-fluid soaked copy of the Koran on a grill on Saturday, but between a group of protesters who put their hands on the grill, and 23-year-old Jacob Isom who snatched the book away, his plans were foiled.

“Dude you have no Koran,” Isom told Grisham at the time.

But even those adamantly against “promiscuity, homosexuality and non-Christian worship” have to pay the bills.

According to George Schwarz, the editor and publisher of the Amarillo Independent, Grisham is an armed guard at the B&W Pantax plutonium plant, north of Amarillo, Texas.

The Pantex plant describes its mission as “maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. The facility is managed and operated by B&W Pantex for the U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration.”

Schwarz reports that John Alan Jones, Chief Counsel for B&W Pantex, made this statement on Grisham’s activities:

B&W Pantex has not spoken to Mr. Grisham about his personal beliefs or activities conducted during his personal time.

The opinions of Mr. Grisham do not represent or correspond with that of the company, and Mr. Grisham does not represent the company during his personal time.

As for Isom, he told the Amarillo Globe-News that he was surprised by his newfound celebrity: “I didn’t even realize it until everybody gave me hugs.” He added that he’s going to auction off the skateboard he had with him at the event. “Maybe (I’ll) get a new skateboard and something to go with it,” Isom said.