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Kentucky GOPer Williams Further Clarifies Attack On Dem Gov, Hindu Ceremony


The polls throughout the race have shown Beshear heavily favored to win re-election -- such as one out this week from the Louisville Courier-Journal, with Beshear ahead of Williams by a margin of 54%-29%.

This past Friday, Beshear attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, for a new factory run by FlexFilm, a company based in India that makes materials for packaging, printing, insulation and other purposes. The plant represents a $180 million investment, and is expected to create 250 jobs in Kentucky.

The groundbreaking included a Hindu ceremony, the bhoomi poojan. On Tuesday, Williams attacked Beshear's participation in the ceremony as "idolatry." and "prayers to false gods."

"He's there participating with Hindu priests, participating in a religious ceremony," Williams said. "They can say what they want to. He's sitting down there with his legs crossed, participating in Hindu prayers with a dot on his forehead with incense burning around him. I don't know what the man was thinking."

Williams further told reports: "If I'm a Christian, I don't participate in Jewish prayers. I'm glad they do that. I don't participate in Hindu prayers. I don't participate in Muslim prayers. I don't do that. To get down and get involved and participate in prayers to these polytheistic situations, where you have these Hindu gods that they are praying to, doesn't appear to me to be in line with what a governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky ought to be doing."