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Keith Ellison Spars With Sean Hannity: 'Stop Making It Like Only Muslims Are The Problem'


Hannity began by asking Ellison if he thinks the government should "investigate" groups like the Nation Of Islam. Ellison replied: "I think we should investigate people where there's probable cause to believe they have committed a crime."

"I don't think," he continued, "even if you don't like what people are saying, that you should call the instrumentality of the criminal justice down on them. You need evidence of a crime."

Hannity then argued: "The problem that is if we have radical Islamists that believe in jihad as a means to achieving their goals, and they're in America, and our Homeland Security Secretary says so, and Peter King wants to investigate, to check into it, it seems like a reasonable thing in light of three thousand Americans killed on 9/11."

The back-and-forth culminated when Hannity told Ellison: "You seem unwilling to identify radical Islam as being at war with America."

Ellison countered: "Al Qaeda is at war with America, but Al Qaeda is not the only enemy of America. They're not the only violent extremists. And I would ask you to stop making it like only Muslims are the problem."


h/t Mediaite.