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James O'Keefe Grinds With Mary Landrieu Impersonator In New Music Video


O'Keefe's seven minute video features clips of media personalities discussing him on television before O'Keefe launches into a choreographed song and dance routine with actors playing FBI agents in a parking lot and staffers in a fake Landrieu office.

"We need a bit of action, that will give this the traction... it gives us satisfaction, when you take civil action," O'Keefe sings as he dances around in a pimp costume and repairman uniform.

He's also shown aboard a boat and cruising along in a sports car. The video closes with on O'Keefe homage to Michael Jackson's video for "Black or White" -- dancing on the roof of a car and smashing windows with "heavily edited," "racist" and "corruption" spray painted on them.

O'Keefe's video, titled "Landrieu Dance," was first posted on Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website by Christian Hartsock, who directed the video.