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Issa Probes 'Potentially Illegal' White House Donor Meetings


Issa, Politico reports, is also criticizing a campaign video that appears to have been filmed at the White House, which some campaign law experts say violates the law. But a White House aide provided reporters with numerous examples of campaign videos that included footage shot at the White House, and another expert called the Obama video unseemly, but not illegal.

"We have an obligation to inquire into the activities of the now closed White House political office because these activities - some of them are continuing but they're continuing less formally," Issa told Jake Sherman. "It's an ordinary oversight letter. In other words, we're not saying, 'You did terrible things.' We're saying, 'We have indication of this, please explain,' and that's what the letter intends to do."

Issa wants documents and communications related to the DNC event and the White House video turned over by July 26.