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In Elaborate Prank, Oregon Lawmakers 'Rickroll' The State Legislature


According to Yahoo News, Rep. Jefferson Smith (D) convinced a bipartisan group of colleagues to join him in reciting, piece by piece, the entire song in speeches during a special legislative session in February 2010. Since Oregon law requires that legislative proceedings be videotaped, the entire spectacle was secretly captured on tape.

From Yahoo News:

"It was way harder taking words and spreading them out than simply manipulating them (on video)," Smith says. "There are some easy lines in there to say without getting noticed. 'You're never gonna' is easy. 'I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling' is easy. But an 'ooh?' That's tricky."

Smith originally planned to release the video after last year's elections, but the editing process took longer than expected, so he held the final product until this month.

As for why he did it, Smith told Yahoo that it brought politicians from both parties together, if only for a big joke.

"It's obviously a little silly thing," he admits. "But even just having a little fun together helped develop some professional relationships. Just a tiny spoonful of sugar to let the political medicine go down, so to speak."

The video opens with text that offers a similar explanation.

"In Oregon, the State House is tied with 30 Democrats and 30 Republicans," the text reads. "Fortunately, Oregon has a rich history of bipartisanship. This is one such example."

Watch the video below: