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Tony Rudy - A Primer

So who's Rudy going to implicate? Well, he certainly has some good stuff on Abramoff, but that's no basis for a plea agreement. If prosecutors are giving him the opportunity to get less jail time, it means he's going to finger more people than just him.

The big fish would be, of course, DeLay. Rudy was Abramoff's man in DeLay's office before he eventually moved over to work for him. What can Rudy tell prosecutors about DeLay's role in helping Abramoff's clients? A lot.

The other main target would be Buckham, who was DeLay's chief of staff until he left at the beginning of 1998. As I've said before, Buckham's move out of DeLay's office really just privatized his role - he was still DeLay's right hand. If Rudy were to implicate Buckham, then Buckham might go to. And Buckham was absolutely central to DeLay's money machine - he even ran DeLay's political committee for a time.

This should be good. We'll post Rudy's plea as soon as it's released.