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Kaloogian: I'm Sorry, Photo Was a Mistake

As we now know, the key photograph, purportedly showing a "more calm and stable" Baghdad, is actually of a streetcorner in Istanbul. Funny story: Kaloogian didn't actually take that picture. (His Web page caption read "We took this photo".) In fact, he didn't go to Istanbul; his return trip went through Athens. "Everybody in the group, we all shared pictures," Kaloogian told me. "I'm sorry, I don't know who took it."

What's more, Kaloogian didn't write the caption, either. That was written by the same staffer who chose the snapshot for the Web site, Kaloogian told me in an earlier interview. But the error will be fixed, he said: his campaign plans on replacing the photo with one which was definitely taken in Baghdad.

"You're being really picky on this stuff," Kaloogian told me. "It's not that big a deal. It was a mistake. I'm sorry."