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Gibbons Whistleblower Hires Heavyweight Lawyer

It's not clear what Bennett is supposed to be doing for Montgomery -- his suit is an intellectual-property dispute with eTreppid -- but chances are it's to help the FBI's corruption probe into Gibbons: the paper quotes Bennett as saying he's signed on for the "East Coast end of the investigation."

For its part, eTreppid has also brought on Washington D.C. attorney Reid Weingarten, a white-collar crime expert.

Nor is Gibbons about to be left without white-shoe protection. The embattled governor himself just announced a new legal defense fund to fight not only the federal bribery investigation, but an allegation that he accosted a waitress on the way to her car and an accusation that he hired an illegal immigrant as a nanny. Gibbons's last, controversial defense fund raised $200,000, but so far, he's the only one willing to open his wallet for his legal expenses.