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Someone is trying to scrub voter fraud kingpin Thor Hearne’s wikipedia entry of mentions of the American Center for Voting Rights, the organziation he used to push the cause over the past two years. (Slate, The Brad Blog)

Scooter Libby heads to court today to try to forestall his 2 1/2-year prison term in the Plame case. Patrick Fitzgerald wants him put in jail immediately. (AP)

The FBI has let its agents know that they should review all personal data collected from Americans in terrorism investigations before it is uploaded into FBI databases. So you can sleep easy now. (AP)House leaders are close to an agreement on how to handle earmarks, which would end “a Republican-led floor protest over the handling of pet spending projects that had brought voting on the bills to a standstill.” ThinkProgress points out that Republicans didn’t have such a dim view of earmarks when they were in power. (Washington Post)

USA Today reports that Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), in efforts to secure a hometown earmark, has said that the National Drug Intelligence Center “was about to take charge of the ‘vitally important’ terrorist no-fly list.” The Justice Department says they don’t know anything about that. (USA Today)