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The American Civil Liberties Union sued Alabama election officials over Alabama's overly harsh policy of disenfranchising felons. The ACLU claims that under Alabama policy, even nonviolent convicts are not allowed to vote. (New York Times)

A New Jersey paralegal has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI for files related to a Brooklyn Mafia informant that the paralegal believes will reveal information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The paralegal, Angela Clemente, filed a Freedom of Information Act request in April seeking information on a dead New Orleans crime boss' potential role in the killing. She has not received a response. (New York Times)

Mold has been found in the FEMA trailers of victims of the June floods in Indiana and Iowa. The lieutenant governor of Iowa has requested that FEMA pay for housing for the residents of these trailers, and FEMA has so far obliged. (AP)