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Federal agents raided the offices of the New Orleans Affordable Homeownership Corp., carting away boxes of documents just days after a U.S. attorney announced the group was under investigation. NOAH, a non-profit hired by the city to help with clean-up after Hurricane Katrina, has been unable to document work on 90 of its projects, roughly half of which were billed to the city. (Associated Press)

The U.S. has spent $100 billion on private security contractors, like Blackwater, since the Iraq invasion in 2003. The figure comes from a government report set to be released by the Congressional Budget Office early this morning. (New York Times)

Tony Sanchez, the former Superior Court of Guam Administrator, pleaded not guilty to improperly using more than $300,000 of court money to pay for lobbyist and legal expenses. Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff had previously agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and provide information in the case against Sanchez. (KUAM News)