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The grand jury transcripts in the case of Ethel Rosenberg, which were just recently released, indicate that the notorious espionage case might have been based on perjured testimony. Ruth Greenglass, a witness in the case and Ethel's sister-in-law, never mentioned to the grand jury that Rosenberg had typed up her stolen atomic secrets to give the the Russians -- a fact central to the trial that Greenglass had testified to -- and instead stated in grand jury testimony that she herself wrote out the notes in longhand. (AP)

The House Judiciary Committee postponed Harriet Miers testimony on Thursday, which was expected in the wake of the stay issued last week while the case pends appeal. The case, House Judiciary Committee v. Harriet Miers et al. has been ongoing after Miers refused to comply with the subpoena to testify, citing executive privilege. (CQ Politics)

The trial of a former Afghan tribal leader accused of smuggling $50 million of heroin into the U.S. began on Thursday. Prosecutors say that Bashir Noorazi was hugely influential in Afghanistan and used his influence to build a private army and work with the Taliban. Noorzai's lawyers dispute the claims. (AP)