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A special election held in May of 2009 will decide the new mayor of Detroit for the rest of recently resigned Kwame Kilpatrick's term, the Detroit City Council decided yesterday. The council president will serve in the interim and is sworn in today. Kilpatrick resigned in early September after pleading guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice. (AP)

A judge has ruled that a former congressional aide accused of aiding an Iraqi spy, won't stand trial. The aide, Susan Lindauer, who has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having a long standing mental disorder that include "grandiose delusions" was deemed mentally unfit by the judge. (AP)

While the corruption and scandal in the Interior Department revealed in three reports last week has certainly gotten plenty of attention, one official asked yesterday why no one has been prosecuted for their illegal activities. The watchdog of the Interior Department, Inspector General Earl Devaney, stated at a congressional hearing that he didn't know why the Justice Department hadn't acted on his recommendation to prosecute two of the high-ranking officials named in the report. (McClatchy)