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Via Think Progress: In June 2004, Cheney used an expletive against Senator Patrick Leahy in the Senate chamber and now we know why: Cheney thought Leahy was going in for a kiss, causing Cheney to recoil. Rather than smoothing over an awkward pause and saying he would like to take things slow, Cheney “dropped the F-bomb.” What would Mary Cheney think? (Think Progress)

Federal campaigns may no longer be all in the family. The House approved a measure yesterday that would bar campaigns to have candidates’ spouses on the payrolls and would require disclosure of payments by PACs to other immediate family members. According to a report released by watchdog group CREW, 60 current House members paid $5.1 million of campaign money to relatives. (AP)

James Tobin is set to go on trial. Again. If the name barely rings a bell, Tobin was accused in a GOP phone-jamming scandal in 2002. His last trial was overturned by the appeals court, which means we get to start all over again. (Betsy Devine)