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It's The Immunity, Stupid

Q If this is such a big deal, why didn't the President accept another extension?

MS. PERINO: Because the House couldn't even pass an extension bill, even if they had wanted to. They couldn't pass it. What they need to pass is a bipartisan bill --

Q The President said he wouldn't accept it, so --

MS. PERINO: Well, that's true, but they wouldn't have been able to pass it anyway.

Q -- isn't it his problem that he lost a couple of days, if in fact he did?

MS. PERINO: Absolutely not. This -- no. The President is not going to accept the blame for House Democrats not taking up a bill that passed 68-29 in the Senate.

Q Yes, but if it's such -- if it's so urgent to protect the nation's security, as you have said --

MS. PERINO: But, Bill, it still didn't do what -- the things that I have said repeatedly that it needs to do. Even if they had extended it, it doesn't provide for retroactive liability protection, which is what the companies say that they need.

Update: Here's video: