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Bush Crony Could Decide Fate of CIA IG

Before becoming deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, Johnson was the White House's personnel director, responsible for vetting such paragons of professionalism as Mike Brown and David Safavian. (Safavian he hired personally.) A month after Hurricane Katrina, Johnson said Brown "served unbelievably well for two years as the head of FEMA.'' There was no need to review the White House's hiring process, he opined, since the "appointments work done by this president is as fine as has ever been done." That statement might be explained by the fact that Johnson actually keeps a George W. Bush doll on his desk. For reasons that remain apocryphal, he is known to have spanked Bush's dog, Barney.

Johnson is such a cipher that when his name was floated to become Homeland Security Secretary this summer, even Michelle Malkin called him a crony on the August 27 edition of the "O'Reilly Factor." (via Nexis)

If Helgerson's job goes up to the PCIE for review, he's done for. No wonder that even an intelligence official who applauds Hayden's anti-Helgerson push thinks that an external review of the agency's inspector general would "blow things way out of proportion."