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Huck Lovin' Push Pollers Ask McCain to "Convince Us"

Davis stressed that this was a "goodwill gesture. It's our hope that John McCain will see this as an opportunity and not a threat. We're sincere in our offering to help him be elected."

As for what Common Sense might be up to this election, Davis said he doesn't know, but that "if we see an opportunity to raise our issues in an election environment, we'll do it."

The group's website currently only features a slickly produced and vague, unobjectionable web ad ("there is a common thread binding us as one") with gentle piano strains. But there's also a dead link to what will be its list of "priority states" come November.

Given how active the group was in the 2006 election (and that Davis was formerly the political director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee), you can expect to hear more from them in the summer and fall.