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Holder: Anti-Muslim Training At FBI, DOJ Can 'Undermine' Outreach Efforts


"It is regrettable that this information was part of the training program," Holder said. "We are reviewing all of the materials, all of our training materials, to make sure that that kind of misinformation -- that can really undermine the really substantial outreach efforts that we have made."

Holder said such misinformation can "really have a negative impact on our ability to communicate effectively as we have in the past with this community."

Another Justice Department official previously said Holder was "firmly committed" to getting anti-Muslim material out of law enforcement training and FBI Director Robert Mueller said the training has been isolated. The FBI has called in the Army's help in reviewing their counterterrorism training material.

Muslim-Americans, Holder said, are "American citizens who have the same desires as we have. They want their kids to be safe."

"That kind of information, that kind of training sets back those efforts," Holder said. "We have distanced ourselves from that person and those statements."