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Gov. Gibbons Caught Repeatedly Lying About Trip To D.C. With Woman (VIDEO)

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

Gibbons, who is divorcing his wife Dawn, recently made headlines for claiming that he has not had sex for 15 years.

In a statement released later, Gibbons admitted Karrasch accompanied him to Washington, and slammed the news station for looking at his private life.

Here's a bit of the exchange late Monday between Gibbons and a Las Vegas 8 News Now reporter in the Reno airport. The video is below.

"Did you go with anyone today," asked Reporter Jonathan Humbert.

"Well, what's it to you? Yeah, I went with security," said Gibbons.

"And anyone else," asked Humbert.

"What's it to you," said Gibbons. ...

"No one else came with you on this trip," asked Humbert.

"No one. No one," said Gibbons.

"Kathy Karrasch didn't accompany you on this trip? She did not," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

"She's not in this airport right now," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

"She was not on that flight," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

And here's the video: