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GOP Unwittingly Sticks Up For Sharia


She went on: "And it could mandate that everyone eat shellfish, even though that violates the religious beliefs of Jews. And it could mandate gym memberships because it's widely accepted that exercise is beneficial."

With that, Smith ended his questioning of Uddin.

It's clear Uddin wasn't singling out the potential plight of Muslims that could arise from this regulation. But siding with a witness who argues that government should not create laws that oppress the Islamic faith is still deeply ironic for a party whose members, including Smith, have spent the Obama presidency warning about the specter of "Sharia law," suggesting that Muslims want to exert greater control over U.S. laws.

In this instance, whether they like it or not, GOP success in rolling back the birth control mandate would go hand-in-hand with making the health care law more Sharia-compliant.