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Fox Falsely Claims 'Mickey Mouse' And 'Adolf Hitler' Are On Scott Walker Recall Petition (VIDEO)


To be fair to Shawn, the original story about the hypothetical signatures was pretty unclear. It claims the signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler "will be counted on recall petitions" -- as if such signatures had already been or were guaranteed to be collected instead of a theoretical possibility -- "as long as they are properly dated and include a Wisconsin address."

In fact, Government Accountability Board member David Buerger said that suspicious signatures would be flagged and that parties would be able to challenge the signatures. The local news report notes that Hitler's name was struck from a previous recall petition immediately because the address given was in Germany.

Petitioners who wish to take down Walker have until Jan. 17 to collect 540,208 signatures to force a recall election. On Thursday they announced they were nearly there. View Fox's report below.