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Folks Claims 'Compromising' Photo Of Him And SC Gov Hopeful Exists


Additionally, in early 2009 Folks now acknowledges being confronted with a photograph of himself and Haley in what he calls a "compromising position." The photograph was allegedly taken by a private investigator hired to uncover dirt on him, not Haley.

He quotes a 2009 email purportedly from Haley:

"Focus on healing yourself and clearing your mind," Haley responded. "It will help you get everything into a realistic perspective. Only then can you make the right decisions for you and your family. You will get through this. I promise."

Folks also claims a "witness who walked by Folks' town house every night during early 2007 on his way home from work claims to have seen Haley's car parked there on multiple occasions late at night."

Haley's campaign manager's voicemail is full and he did not immediately respond to an email.