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Florida Teachers Union Sues Gov. Scott Over Budget Cuts


"It's unfair - and it breaks promises made to these employees when they chose to work to improve our state," he added.

The fund, the Florida Retirement System, serves 655,000 active employees and provides benefits to over 219,000 retirees. According to the Miami Herald, employees haven't directly paid into the system since 1974.

In its press release, the FEA -- the state's largest education union, which represents around 250,000 members -- says that the state could ask future employees to contribute to the pension fund, but that they cannot "unilaterally" impose such changes on current employees.

Teachers have been crying foul over Scott's budget cuts since shortly after he took office earlier this year. During his short tenure, Scott has moved to eliminate tenure for future teachers, and tie pay to performance levels. He also slashed around $1.35 billion in education spending in his first budget, which he signed in late May.