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Fed Court Filing: How An Armed, Drugged-Up CIA Agent Fell Apart


Warren allegedly maintained that he wasn't threatening the officer -- and then left.

When police tried to arrest Warren on April 14, the court filing says, the CIA agent wasn't home, and was reportedly staying in a motel under a fake name.

It was further reported to law enforcement officers that Warren may be under the influence of drugs, and that he was in possession of a gun. It was reported
to law enforcement officers that Warren stated words to the effect of "they would kill me or I would kill them."

According to the filing, nearly two weeks later, on April 26, law enforcement found Warren at another motel. He tried to run. He struggled with police, allegedly trying to reach for his waistband (there was a loaded Glock in his shorts pocket).

The officers reported that they observed throughout the course of this incident that Warren appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Drug paraphernalia was found in Warren's pocket during the booking process at the jail.

His trial is set for June 21.

Read the filing by federal prosecutors here.

(H/T Politico)