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FEC Commissioner Laments: We're Not Even Considered 'Toothless'


Weintraub's comments came moments before the commission voted 4-2 to require FEC officials hand over any evidence that could clear up possible violations, a rule Weintraub said would hurt the agency's "ability to build cases and to go after the most culpable parties."

"The notion that we are a fierce investigative agency that people are quaking in their boots about is probably not the case," she also said. "If it ever was the case, it certainly is not today."

As evidence, Weintraub brought up statistics she heard at a recent staff briefing. From Roll Call:

From fiscal 2006 to 2010, the average fine levied against campaigns, parties and political action committees for violating campaign finance law dropped from $180,000 to $42,000, Weintraub said. Similarly, the number of conciliation agreements, deals on penalties hammered out between the FEC and those under investigation, fell from 91 in fiscal 2007 to 29 in fiscal 2010, which Weintraub called a "pretty sharp drop."

After the meeting, Republican Commissioner Donald McGahn argued against Weintraub's conclusions.

"Everyone can give speeches," McGahn said. "But what she never mentioned was that law has changed considerably.

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