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FBI Arrests Seven Amish Haircutting Suspects In Raid


According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the men were arrested on federal civil rights charges and other state violations, for allegedly breaking into the homes of mainstream Amish and cutting off their hair and beards, which are symbols of faith in the Amish community.

The raid took place at around 6am, in Bergholz, Ohio.

Sam Mullet, the leader of the Bergholz Clan, was among those arrested. Mullet has been acccused of running the clan like a cult. Three of his sons and his nephew were also arrested, along with a minister and one other man implicated in a recent attack.

Mullet has denied that the Bergholz Clan is a cult, and when CNN asked him about the beard-cutting attacks earlier this month, Mullet replied: "Beard-cutting is a crime, is it?"