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Exclusive: Inside The Pentagon's Idea Factory

November 2008

Multipolar Nuclear Dynamics In The Middle East: Case Studies From The Past And US Responses

Contradictions And Continuities: The Changing Moral Education Landscape [Long Term Strategy Group, LLC]

September 2008

Rearmed Japan

The Best Of Communities Produced For Man (Qur'an 3:110) [Hudson Institute]

Europe 2025: Mounting Security Challenges Amidst Declining Competitiveness

August 2008

The Anatomy Of The Chinese Internal Security Apparatus

July 2008

Information As Advertisement And Advertisement As Information [IHS International LC]

May 2008

Turkish-Iranian Relations: Fated Rivalry, Compelled Sympathy

March 2008

From Concept To Task: Institutionalizing Compatible Organizational Architectures For Network Centric Warfare

December 2007

--China's Looming '5th Generation': A New 'United Front' Managing Change Leading Up To The 2012 '18th Party Congress'

August 2007

The Future Of Europe And Its Muslims: Four Scenarios

July 2007

Role Of High Power Microwave Weapons In Future Intercontinental Conventional War

June 2007

Implications Of Historical Trends On Preemption [University Of Maryland]

The End of Religiously Motivated Warfare: Lessons From The Puritans And Beyond [Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments]

May 2007

Islamic Strategic Thought

March 2007

Fighting A War We Don't Control: Iraq, Fall 2006 [GAMA CORP]

December 2006

Islam And The Challenges Of Modernity [Oxford Analytica]

German Liberals and the Integration of Muslim Minorities in Germany [Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments]

March 2006

Why They Won't Know What Hit Them: Are Arabs Thinking About The Consequences Of Another 9/11

Religion And War Dataset, 600-1700 C.E.

November 2005

The Potential of Small Force Actions Primarily in the Context Of Major Jihad Actions Against the US [Hudson Institute]

November 2000

Water As A Strategic Commodity In Asia

March 2000

Themes In Chinese Writings On Information Warfare 1995-1999

November 1999

Transformations In Global Defense Markets And Industries: Implications For The Future Of Warfare

March 1997

Different Cultures And The Information Revolution

June 1996

China Contingencies And Scenarios: 2020