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Ex-AmeriCorps IG Gerald Walpin Loses Appeal In Wrongful Firing Suit


Walpin and his supporters on the right argued that the White House broke a law that required it to give 30 days' notice before firing an IG. They claimed the dismissal was politically motivated retribution after Walpin went after an Obama ally, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, for allegedly misusing AmeriCorps funds when he was in charge of a California school.

The administration, however, defended the decision, citing, among other things, a meeting in which Walpin appeared confused and couldn't answer questions. And an AmeriCorps board member told TPM the bipartisan board had unanimously voted to send the matter of Walpin's competence to the White House.

Walpin told the Washington Post that he likely won't appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

"I didn't need this lawsuit or the job, but I thought it was a good public service and a way to contribute to this wonderful country," Walpin said. He said he was disappointed "not for myself but for the institution of inspectors general." The ruling, he said, "has effectively removed any meaning" from inspector general reform laws.