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Evidence Mounts That Michigan Tea Party Is Democratic Front


From today's Free Press:

Affidavits filed by more than half of the 23 candidates from Michigan's mysterious Tea Party were notarized by the political director of the Oakland County Democratic Party, elections records show ... [Jason] Bauer is the county party's operations director and, according to his Facebook page, a committed Democrat.

Bauer's name "appeared on affidavits for 12 of 23 candidates nominated" by the Tea Party, according to the paper.

And then there's the candidates themselves. As the AP reported today, at least some of them have some problems:

Thirteenth District Senate candidate Thomas Murdock of Troy and 15th District Senate candidate Heather Sartorius of New Hudson were both born in 1990 and won't be 21 by Jan. 1, 2011, the date they'd take office if they won.

That violates the state constitution. A secretary of state spokeswoman says they're ineligible to appear on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Critics of the Michigan Tea Party are still hoping to keep it off the ballot, despite the tens of thousands of signatures it turned in to state officials. The final decision on whether those signatures are counted is expected to come around Aug. 13.