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WaPo's Anti-Will Uprising

* As we noted yesterday, a Post news story about the alarming reduction of Arctic ice levels characterized the news as contradicting "data cited in widely circulated reports by ... Will."

* Also yesterday morning, Andrew Freeman, a writer with the Post's weather blog (of all places) posted a long dissection of Will's various distortions, entitled "Will Misleads Readers on Climate Science - Again." Freeman concluded: "George Will's recent columns demonstrate a very troubling pattern of misrepresentation of climate science."

* And check out this cartoon by the Post's Tom Toles, published last Friday, which depicts Will thinking: "I need an idea on how to follow up on my irresponsible global warming column," before getting the idea for a "light bulb column." (Last week Will wrote a column about the shortcomings of energy-saving light-bulbs. Seriously.)

That's three examples. And as we all know, three makes a trend.

Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that there are people at the Post who want to make sure that it remains a source of reliable information about crucial topics in the news. It's just too bad that -- outside of Toles -- the uprising doesn't seem to have spread to Fred Hiatt's op-ed page, which continues to give no indication it has any problem at all with Will's writing.