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Election Judges Dealing With Aggressive Poll Watchers In Minnesota


Smith said that the challengers have been concentrated in the suburbs this year.

"The voters have been pretty unaffected by this, it was mainly just the initial time period when the challengers arrived and when the elections judges were getting settled and ready to work with the voters," Smith said.

Elections judges, said Smith, "just had to very firmly, in some cases, describe or clearly define the role of a challenger based on our law."

"I will say that the challengers did respect that, " Smith added.

Minnesota Majority, the group which told supporters to go ahead and wear their "Please I.D. Me" buttons despite a judge's ruling upholding a ban on such buttons, hasn't heard of any confrontations, Executive Director Dan McGrath told the Associated Press.

The "overly aggressive vote challengers looking for fraud" had been "wandering into secure areas and challenging voters for the wrong reasons," the AP reported.