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Donations To George Zimmerman's Defense Fund Slow In Trayvon Martin Case


But in late April, his new lawyer ordered him to shut down the site. That's when Zimmerman revealed he had raised all that cash.

Days later, attorney Mark O'Mara announced he would open a new website in his client's name to keep the donations flowing. He hired a former IRS agent to watch over the funds and promised donors that their identities would be kept confidential.

The promises haven't seemed to convince potential donors, however. Late Wednesday, Zimmerman's defense team said he had only been able to raise about $15,000 since the new site went live on May 3. The biggest donation was $3,000, they said, while most ranged between $25 and $100.

While that still averages more than $1,000 a day, it's a far cry from the rate Zimmerman was hauling in on his own.

O'Mara has said the money will be used for defense costs and Zimmerman's living expenses.

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